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A comprehensive evaluation of the trainings organized by the institute is undertaken to assess the performance of trainees as well as that of the training programme itself.

Firstly, knowledge of the trainees is being judged by calculating Knowledge Gain factor with the help of questionnaire developed for each course administered in the form of 'Pre- and Post- Test'before and at the end of the training programme .

Secondly, the trainees are asked to evaluate a particular training programme on the basis of following parameters put up to them in a 'Participant's Evaluation Proforma':

  • Expectations from the training
  • Gains achieved during the training
  • About the topics covered in the training and inclusion/deletion of any topic thereof for further similar programmes
  • Suggestions for improvement in the training
  • Willingness for participation in any future training of their choice

Thirdly, the resource persons are evaluated with their respective sessions on the basis of Five Point Continum Rating Scale.
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