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PAMETI trained working women for better Work-Life Balance (12 June, 2019)

   Punjab Agricultural Management & Extension Training Institute (PAMETI), PAU Campus, Ludhiana organized 3-day development programme on ‘Work-Life Balance’ from 10-12 June, 2019 for Women Functionaries, in which 29 women officials from State Agriculture & allied Departments, ATMA and from PAU participated.

    Mrs Rupinder Kaur, Deputy Director-HRM, PAMETI explained that ‘Work Life Balance’ is a term used to describe the balance between an individual's personal and professional life and healthy balance assumes great significance for working women as pressures from both family and the workplace pose several challenges for them. She further revealed that with the increasing number of women in agricultural extension, such trainings play a vital role. Therefore, the objective of this programme was to apprise the women extension functionaries about various work management tools which will ultimately help them to make a balance between their professional and personal lives to bring efficiency at both ends.

   Dr HS Dhaliwal, Director, PAMETI while inaugurating the programme emphasized that the role of working women has changed throughout the world due to economic conditions and social demands and the ever-increasing work pressure is taking a toll on the working women leaving them with less time for themselves. He further motivated the women officials to interact with experts and practically discuss their issues during each session of training.

   Various renowned specialists in the field of psychology, diet & nutrition, yoga, human development, management etc interacted with participants. They enlightened them on different techniques required for healthier work-life balance including anger management, happitude, relieving stress, delegation of work and balancing parenting role. Apart from all these, participants were also given nutritional advice for better physical & mental health.

   Trainees very enthusiastically participated and appreciated the efforts of PAMETI and urged the need for organizing more such programmes in future also.

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