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PAMETI organized workshop on Value addition, marketing & data compilation of jaggery units in Punjab (4th April, 2019)

   India is the pioneer in preparation of jaggery from sugarcane juice. Jaggery is an energy rich food that is a source of many vitamins and minerals necessary for every human being especially growing children and pregnant ladies. Jaggery industry is the oldest rural cottage Industry and it is a substitute for sugar as it has low Glycemic Index and so it is good for diabetics. Keeping this in mind, Punjab Agricultural Management & Extension Training Institute (PAMETI) organized one day workshop for Project Directors of ATMA on 4th April,2019 at PAU Campus, Ludhiana. In all, 15 ATMA extension functionaries from various districts of Punjab attended the workshop.

   Dr Mahesh Kumar, Head Department of Processing & Food Engineering, PAU, Ludhiana discussed various aspects in production of jaggery and value addition options. He discussed the major constraints in the production of Jaggery. Design of crusher is inefficient as only 70% of recovery of cane juice is there. There is lack of clarification process in most units and there is no study about the impact of organic clarifiers on the quality of the final product.

   Dr H S Dhaliwal, Director, PAMETI explained the road side model display as a tool for on farm marketing of jaggery & its products. He said that progressive farmers need to adopt the scientific practices for enhancing quantity & quality of jaggery production. Also, they should be encouraged to package the product hygienically and adopting innovative marketing strategies.

   Dr Harmeet Kaur, Deputy Director PAMETI explained the instrument to be used by the officials to collect the data about running jaggery units in Punjab. As this is an unorganized sector, data about running this venture is not formally gathered and updated. PAMETI will conduct a study on the jaggery industry and bring out various aspects involved in this industry

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