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Options for Rice Residue Management discussed at PAMETI(09-10 October, 2019)

   Crop residue burning in North-West India is one of the major concerns for researcher, changes agent, policy planners, farmers and civil society.Many management options have been developed to address this issue. However, from a long-term sustainability perspective of agriculture and soil health a new scheme of subsidizing the machinery & equipment for rice residue managements has been launched by the Government. PAMETIalso organizes Rice Residue Management training courses from time to time. This time also PAMETI organized a two-day training on “Alternatives for Rice Residue Management” for the extension functionaries of State Department of Agriculture and Allied Sectors andAmbassador/Progressive farmers from9-10 October, 2019. The training programme was attended by 48 participants.

    Dr H S Dhaliwal, Director PAMETI inaugurated the training and informed the participants that burning caused serious threats to human, animal, and soil health, environment, bio-diversity & traffic etc. Dr Dhaliwal also requested the participants to spread the message of maintaining sanctity of soil, water and air (Natural Resources) as propounded by Shri Guru Nanak DevJi.He further appealed the participants to contribute to the cause of no-burn agriculture keeping in mind the 550th birth anniversary celebration of the revered first Guru of the Sikhs.

   Experts from PAMETI, Farm Power Machinery and Power Engineering,Department of Microbiology,Department of Zoology, & Department of Veterinary Extension, GADVASU discussed the various options for managing the crop residue, both in-situ and ex-situ. Dr Manpreet Singh practically explained the use of different types of machinery available for this purpose. A panel discussion was organized by Mr. Lakhwinder Singh Brar, Deputy Director-Marketing, PAMETI to identify the reasons for burning of crop residues in the fields.Narrow window between harvesting of paddy & sowing of wheat, costly CA machinery, scarcity of labour, high cost of residue removal from the field and use of combines (Without SMS) in harvesting the crops were the main reasons quoted by the participants.

   Manpreet Singh Grewal Progressive Farmer from Ludhiana Sharedhis personal experience with Participants about alternatives for rice residue. Dr Dhaliwal proposed a vote to thanks to the extension functionaries and farmer for attending the training session and he said it was an honor for PAMETI to train the staff from agricultural and allied department and progressive farmers for such a noble cause of conserving environment.

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